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Volt Socks

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In cycling, it’s your feet that do the punching. To hammer those pedals, your feet have to be happy. Socks punctuate the vibe and keep your feet ready to turn those cranks. So we’re not messing around. The Volt Sock comes through with a mesh-weave top and a premium, flexible knit construction. The socks have low profile toe seams and wick moisture. Pleasure your feet with comfort and style by grabbing a few pairs. They’re the perfect accent to your sweet kit!

Product Features:

  • Knit for comfort and style
  • Mesh weave top for maximum breathability
  • Reinforced toe box and heel cup

Fabric Details:

  • Proprietary blend for lightweight comfort and durability
  • Elastic that stays in place without squeezing too tight

Select Customizations:

  • 100+ thread colors to choose from
  • 7” cuff length
  • S/M & L/XL or O.S.F.A.
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