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Thermal Bibs

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The Volt thermal bibs are for the hardcore who refuse to be fair weather riders.  Cold temperatures tend to slow us all down (air density and all that) but they damn sure don’t keep you off the bike. Combustion your ass outside generates some serious heat (see what we did there?), but you’re not in the business of giving it away freely. These thermal bibs will hold onto this heat tighter than your hands on a hot beverage after you’re done. They’re fleece-lined and full-length to provide toastiness from your hips to your ankles. Your core might still get sweaty, so we kept the wide mesh bib straps and back layer that you expect from any high quality bib. Conquer the cold by arming yourself with the Volt Thermal bibs.

Product features:

  • Cool mesh bib straps that are wide and supportive
  • Flexible construction that allows full pedaling motion
  • Zipper below calf to ease putting on
  • Unisex sizing (3XS-6XL)

Fabric details:

  • Fleece-lined

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