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Atomic Gloves

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Small but mighty. The integrated gel padding in these Atomic gloves might be the tiniest part of your kit, but make an astronomical difference over the course of your ride as they work to dampen road vibration. There’s even an absorbent thumb panel to wipe your facial sweat (and snot too, let’s be honest). Lightweight and comfortable, these gloves lift sweat and stretch to fit your hands perfectly. (Side effects may include tan lines at the wrist. Wear them proudly.)

Product Features:

  • Gel-padded palms
  • Stretchy inlet at the wrist to ease sliding gloves on
  • Inlaid loops on underside of middle and ring fingers to remove gloves smoothly

Fabric Details:

  • Thick cushion at base of palm
  • Absorbent panel on top of thumb (it’s ok, we know you wipe your nose sometimes)
  • Lightweight and breathable back for cooling
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