Cedar Valley 2021 MTB Team

Volt Cycle Wear is pleased to announce our sponsorship and partnership with Cedar Valley MTB for the 2021 Season. Please select your items below and check out. Please see Adam Clark for your coupon code for your kit, and feel free to purchase additional products as desired. Make sure to try everything on at the sizing party and select your choices carefully. We're only producing what you order, so changing sizes isn't an option.

How does this work?

The Cedar Valley MTB Team store will be open until CLOSE_DATE, then the store will close and your items will be sent in for production...so get your items added to your cart and ordered today. Our goal is to have everything produced and in your hands by RECEIPT_DATE. If you have any questions, please contact us here. And feel free to browse some of our items below. Our base layers are super popular and a "fan favorite". I'd highly recommend them.