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Sizing Guide

We want to make sure your new kit fits exactly the way you like it to. We strongly encourage you take advantage of our offer to send out a free fit kit so you can try everything. If for whatever reason that isn't an option for you, we've done our best to give you instructions as to how to measure yourself and detailed sizing guides so you can determine what should fit you best.

Pro Level Road Gear Sizing Chart
Pro Level XC Bib and Jersey Sizing Chart
Mountain Bike Gear Sizing Chart
Gloves and Thermal (Arm/Leg Warmers) Sizing Chart
Thermal Bibs, Jersey and Jacket Sizing Chart

Tech T Sizing Chart

Again, if at all possible, please try everything on before making a decision on a size. Nothing Is more frustrating than eagerly waiting for your awesome new kit, only to find out it doesn't fit as intended.